Statutory Compliance for Your Business

Statutory compliance relates to the various labour and taxation laws prevalent in India. The word statutory itself means that it is mandatory, hence companies must adhere to them at all times. Running your business involves a lot of elements. Administration, compliance legalities, employee management, marketing, procuring business, etc! In order to be on top of all routine business activities, while complying to all current legalities, keeping employees motivated and satisfied and procuring business- a helping hand is always welcome.

If this comes as an HR Business Partner who has experience and a reputed team to provide HR Outsourcing Services Pune– that’s such a relief!

Well, at Intercede HR Solutions Pune, Charmi and her team have more than a decade of experience, especially in providing specialized HR services, including HR Statutory Compliance!

What to expect for your business:

  • An experienced HR Business partner:
    We have a lot of market experience, and our team specializes in catering to specific and time consuming HR elements. Such as HR Statutory Compliance. Because we know our HR, you need not worry about keeping up with the current compliance requirements! We do this for you.
  • Value addition:
    Our team at Intercede HR Solutions Pune has in-depth knowledge about all the relevant labour laws and provide the relevant solutions too! This includes information regarding: employee insurance, PF, PT, MPCB, minimum wages, and more!
  • No training costs:Because you choose Intercede HR Solutions Pune as your HR Business Partner, there will be no need to train your employees to perform statutory compliance activities and to keep up with current legalities.Which is why having a professional and proficient HR Business Partner such as Intercede HR Solutions Pune is beneficial for your business!
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