Business License

How to Get a Business License

It’s great to be an entrepreneur! Run a sole proprietorship, or even a mid sized partnership! You know you need a business license right?

We at Intercede HR Outsourcing Services Pune can help you understand this better. Let’s break this down!

5 Steps to get business license are:

1.Municipal Approval: A business license permits the registered owner the right to start and run a particular type of business in the city, county or state of issue. This permit indicates that the company has municipal approval to operate. Without such a permit, municipal and government agencies can fine or shut down the business.


2. Necessary Documentation: This majorly depends on the type of business you plan to operate, together with the location for your business. Licensing or permit requirements are determined by state, regional, and local rules. Some businesses require a special license even, while others might only need an operating license. When you partner with Intercede HR Outsourcing Services Pune, you partner with the best HR Outsourcing Company Pune backed by a proficient team to resolve all your queries!


3. Expiry of the Registration Certificate: This varies depending upon the type of business and state, regional, and local rules. For a typical Shop Act Registration, also known as a Gumasta license, the regular validity is one year. However, this can be extended to a duration of up to 10 years. It is however, important that the renewal application must be submitted at least thirty days before the date of expiry of the registration certificate.


4. Fixing Up Office Management: After getting business license approvals and the certification, you are set to start building on your business daily routine! Fixing up the office space, hiring staff, getting vendors, suppliers and in general getting down to the business of generating an income and making profit!


5. Take help from a Proficient Team: While it is financially very nominal to go the individual route and get cracking on obtaining all the relevant business licences, there is a reason why it’s advisable to take help from a proficient team of HR Support Services For Small Business. And this very important reason is- experience. A proficient


HR Business Partner will be valuable, rather invaluable for the smooth landing of obtaining your necessary business licenses with minimal hiccups. So great start on your exciting new plan, and get in touch with Intercede HR Outsourcing Services Pune for some valuable HR support!

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