5 Reasons to Hire Temporary Employees

When you run a business, staff is an integral part of your company. There are different kinds of staff as per different job and skill requirements. Housekeeping staff, gardener, maintenance staff, secretarial staff, IT staff, etc. While some of these staff will be on probation to then become permanent employees, some other staff may be contracted staff and temporary staff.

Let’s look at the reasons your company could require different categories of staff, especially temporary staff:

1. Meaning :

An individual typically hired to help the company meet increased short term demand for its product or services. This category of staff does not have the status of permanent employee.

2. Skill Set:

Temporary employees do not have a fixed skill set bracket. It really could include unskilled labour for maybe taking out the daily trash. It could include semi skilled labour for maybe tending to the garden, etc. Temporary employees could also include a receptionist, a secretary, an accountant or an IT technician!

3. Not On Payroll:

Temporary employees are generally hired to assist the employer meet a sharp spike in business demands, without having the extra cost of hiring a regular employee.

4. Key skill sets:

It may also happen that there is a particular skill set requirement for the short term within a company. Now, rather than spend on interviewing and hiring a permanent employee and retaining her even after the assignment has concluded, a temporary employee may be a more convenient option!

5. Temporary Staffing Services:

There are contactors and companies that provide temporary staff based on the company assignment requirement. The best among them is Intercede HR Outsourcing Services. We provide Temporary Staffing Services based on the requirement and time duration for your company!

Now that you know reasons to hire temporary employees, contact us and take the step forward!

    Posted at 10:24h, 23 April Reply

    Do you keep staff on your payroll???

    • intercedehr-pune
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      Yes we do keep staff at our payroll. For more information you can call us on: +91 90220 16079 | 88069 67491

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