5 Types of Employee Training

Employees are the most important asset, for your organization! Skills upgrading is an important factor for their growth. Which in turn leads to growing business!

At Intercede HR Solutions, we understand this requirement and will be your HR Business Partner for all such Training & Development Solutions.

Below are few of the training types that we cover:

Orientation Training

Employee on boarding becomes more focused and simple with our orientation module, which is designed to suit your organizational needs. The module covers elements of: Company’s Mission and Values, Corporate culture, Hierarchical structure, organizational processes, organizational infrastructure, etc.

Soft Skills Training

It has been researched, that employees with soft skills training are better-liked, happier in their jobs, and more likely to stay with their current organization! Soft skills training for managers and employees brings about a successful collaboration in the workplace. Our soft skills module includes the elements of: leadership, time management, teamwork, communication, etc.

Technical Skills Training

Typically depends on the job role and responsibilities of the employee. Includes elements such as: use of different software required to work efficiently and optimally. The module prepared by Intercede HR Solutions will be vetted by your department head or the operations manager.

Analytical Skills Training

It has been said that analytical abilities focus on learning “why”, not “how”! Our training module inculcates in your employees the ability to investigate a problem and find the ideal solution in a timely, efficient manner.

Safety Training

This training is important & necessary in order to keep your staff away from hazards. Aspects of safety include: fire drill, use of first aid, being vigilant around campus, etc.

With these training types, your employees will be covered with basic to intermediate level of efficiency. And modules that are developed by Intercede HR Solutions ensure to keep the organizational requirements foremost!

Get in touch with us to be your HR Business Partner for these Training & Development Solutions!

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