Know What is a Proprietary Company

When you think of starting your business- this is such an exciting decision! Congratulations! There are different methods of starting a business. Legally, one of the easiest category is proprietor company. Intercede HR Solutions Pune has put together some useful pointers that you must know about a proprietor company!

You need to know this about a proprietor company:


Your proprietor company needs to be registered with a shop act license. This is issued to your business by the local municipality in the same area of business. This registration is issued on the basis of number of the employees for your proprietor company and is on renewal basis.

Important legalities

After getting the shop act license for your proprietor company , you could also opt for an MSME Registration. This refers to small and medium business enterprise and the MSME Department has the license guidelines for a small business to provide them subsidy or loan, such as: pradhan mudra bank loan, etc. A few other important legalities include: CA Certification, Income Tax Return, GST Registration, etc.

Outsourcing elements

When you make the decision to manage a proprietor company, business development and growth takes the front seat focus. This need not mean your daily business schedule and running needs to get affected! Rather than hiring a brand new team of staff for various departments and for HR, a great option is to opt for HR Support Services For Small Business. Such as the professional support provided by Intercede HR Solutions Pune!

Business growth

When you have the above points in order, you can maximize focus on developing your product market and working on product development! You can invest in professional and proficient manpower, and the most current tools and technology!

These are the major elements for starting your proprietor company. For all specialized HR services, Intercede HR Solutions Pune is the most ideal HR Business Partner for Small Business HR Outsourcing Company Pune! Let’s discuss your business!

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