Developing Performance Goals and Standards

Have your business?! Great! Business is growing?! Even better! How is the employee morale?! A very important aspect to understand, because employees are the greatest asset of your business!

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Following is a checklist we have put together for you to understand employee Developing Performance Goals and Standards:


These are management-approved elements of performance requirements or expectations that must be met by the employee to be appraised at a particular level of performance. These elements are not rigid, and are finalized post a meaningful discussion between the employee and her supervisor.

Salient Features

Performance standards should be objective, measurable, realistic, and noted down clearly. Further, there needs to be specific measures for each element. How to measure the quantity, quality, timeliness, and/or cost-effectiveness of the element specifically.


It is necessary to set a frequency to appraising these performance goals. The objective is not to discourage your employees! Rather, the frequency should be such that the performance goals can be tracked by the supervisor, and the employee given adequate support and guidance where required!


While this seems straight forward, setting performance goals needs an objective. Is this purely a tick-in-the-box exercise. Does the organization value employees at par and recognize that their growth has a direct correlation to increasing sales! Are employees encouraged to voice their opinions and these are taken on board as per relevance!

Performance Goals

Although performance goals do have the element of measuring and report writing, they must have be looked at positively! Intercede HR Solutions has the HR expertise to guide your management team to develop realistic and achievable performance goals and standards!

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