Best Background Check Service for Small Businesses

A crucial role that HR plays within your organization is- employee onboarding. Also known as the hiring process! Once you identify the project requirements, you don’t want to hire randomly do you!

This is where a Background Verification Check Service comes into importance. At Intercede HR Solutions, one of our specializations includes human resources requirement.

Here we help you understand the 5 basic Background Checks that lead to a successful hire:

  • What does it mean-
    This is when a qualified panel reviews a potential candidate for: criminal records, driving records and a credentials check. This step is important so that your specific human resources requirement aligns to the project requirement!
  • Policy consistency is the key-
    When you have Intercede HR Solutions as your HR Business Partner, we have the expertise in resource onboarding. Our easy to understand policy guidelines are documented in a flow chart for easy navigation. Policy consistency is therefore easily maintained!
  • The legalities-
    Our expert team at Intercede HR Solutions has more than a decades experience as HR Solutions Pune! Which means that we also look into any legalities that may arise on the outcome of a background verification check!
  • Is it FCRA compliant-
    The Fair Credit Reporting Act is clear on what you can and cannot do as part of a background check with regards to credit information. You are not out on a private investigation man hunt! Hence the organization must be careful about what type of background verification checks are carried out.
  • Assumptions lead to misinformation!
    It is not a good practice to assume that parts of the background check process are routine! Critical information could come to light in the most basic steps of the background verification check. Ensure that your HR partner pays attention to the valuable information obtained.

Now that you understand the importance of Background Verification Check and its implications, you will realize that this is a time consuming activity! Which is where Intercede HR Solutions comes into picture! We are among the most experienced HR Outsourcing Company Pune and will help you get the job done- simply & effectively! Get in touch with us!

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